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Infinite Health Massage & Wholistic Therapies
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Swedish Only, soft gentle and gliding strokes
1/2 & 1/2
Swedish / Deep
Trigger Point Work
Deluxe Spa Work using Swedish, Deep Tissue, Essential Oil Therapy





15 Minutes   $25      
30 Minutes $35 $40      
45 Minutes $45 $55 $65 $75  
60 Minutes $60 $70 $80 $95 Rainbow Sound & Color Session
75 Minutes   $85 $100 $120 Personalized Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
90 Minutes   $100 $120 $145  

Add $10 for appointments starting later than 6pm

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Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers
What is Massage?
Massage is basically the manipulation of the soft tissue or muscular structure of the body to relieve tension in the muscles and to promote homeostasis or balance to the body.  Some people believe massage is a luxury while others believe that massage is somehow related to sex. Really neither is the case.   While old time massage parlors were indeed sometimes fronts for sexual activates, modern massage establishments are licensed and regulated by law to provide therapy, pain relief and relaxation.

Massage is generally done with the body covered with a sheet or towel.  As each part of the body is being worked on it is uncovered and then covered up again as the massage proceeds.  Some people prefer to wear underpants,  swimsuits, or sports bras if it is their first experience, until they see how the whole process works.

Generally a full body massage takes about an hour for the average person.  About 40 minutes is spent on the backside of the body starting with the legs and working up through the hips, back, upper body and neck. The last 20 minutes is generally spent on arms, legs and neck areas working from the front of the body. When people come in with specific problems such as a sore low back or more tightness in the neck this concept is modified to spend more time on the sorest areas and less elsewhere. Alternatively, the length of the massage can be extended so more can be accomplished, depending on your needs.

More and more people are growing to understand that periodic massage is a benefit to overall health.  Many conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff soreness, low back pain, and sciatic nerve impingement respond very well to the non-invasive techniques massage therapy offers.  General benefits include improved circulation, increased range of motion, stress reduction, and pain relief.

How Often Should I Have A Massage?
A good rule of thumb is once a month for an hour. This depends more on the stress level and physical demands in your life than anything else. Some people come as often as once a week while others will visit a few times in a year. As you understand the benefits that massage therapy can bring to you, your body will start to tell you when it is time to visit again.

How Much Time Should I Ask For?
We offer sessions from 15 minutes up to 2 hours and suggest the following guidelines to you:

15 MINUTES is enough to work with ONE sore area like the neck, or one knee, or one elbow; quick relief to a specific area. 

30 MINUTES is enough time to work with TWO sore areas in a very specific way, like a shoulder and neck massage, or a low back and hip massage.

45 MINUTES is enough time for a full relaxation massage on a small framed person. It would also be suitable for just an upper body massage from the hips to the neck, focusing on the back.

60 MINUTES is enough time for a full relaxation massage on a person of  average build. It is also suitable for the small framed person who wants some specific deep tissue work on several areas as well.   

75 MINUTES is suitable for a full massage on a larger person or someone who spends a moderate amount of time at the gym. It is also suitable for the average person who wants a full massage with some specific deep tissue work on several areas as well.

90 MINUTES is recommended for a full body massage on a larger person or someone who spends a lot of time at the gym and will generally incorporate some deep tissue work. It is also suitable for someone who wants a full massage with specific deeper work on MANY areas of the body.

Why Should I Choose Infinite Health Instead of Someone Else?
Experience, atmosphere, comfort, attention to detail, customization and true value.

Our Florida Licensing and American Massage Therapy Association affiliation guarantees you safe, non sexual touch and professional ethical standards. Years of continuing education allow us to provide precise scientific and focused touch to assist you back into balance. We get regular massage ourselves so we know exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a massage. Every movement we make is done with awareness of what you will be experiencing.

Our office is specially designed using the principles of Feng Shui to bring beneficial energy to the space and to your experience here.  Soothing colors,  Relaxing water fountains, variable lighting, sculptures and artwork all provide a perfect backdrop to assist you back into your own natural rhythm. Three private rooms, exquisitely decorated, provide the optimum setting to “get away from it all.”

Custom tailored table linens on cushioned, heated massage tables allow you to “melt” into a blissful state. A wide variety of music choices including many scientifically proven to promote brain waves related to deep states of relaxation are employed. The highest grade of pure plant essential oils may be used through aromatherapy and topical applications to deepen your experience. For this reason we ask that you DO NOT wear colognes or perfumes when you come to visit. 

We customize each massage to your specific needs. Each time we see you we ask if you have any areas of specific discomfort that you would like us to spend more time on. We also ask if there are any areas you want us to avoid, like ticklish feet, or recent surgeries, or areas of sensitivity.  As we work with you we adjust the massage pressure to your comfort level.  Areas that are stressed get more attention. Those that are already relaxed get less.

We do offer you true value in that many of the services we customarily include in our sessions are offered supplemental with added charges at many spas and massage offices. Trigger point therapy and deep tissue work are often offered at a premium rate.  As we are massaging you and note that you need this type of work we simply incorporate it into the session.  You get what you are most in need of in the time frame that you choose. 

Can Massage Help If I Have Been In An Auto Accident or Taken A Fall?
Yes, very much so. Severe jolts to the body frame cause stress to the surrounding muscles. Massage can help to relieve this tension and get you back to normal faster.  Weekly massage for a month or two may be recommended by your doctor. In severe cases every other day can be beneficial at the outset.

What Are Your Policies Regarding Insurance?
We offer detailed invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  If your medical doctor or chiropractor has prescribed massage for you there is a higher likelihood that insurance will reimburse you. If you have been in an accident, check with your insurance carrier to determine the conditions under which your massages might be covered. We do not accept direct payments or assignments from insurance companies.

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Infinite Health Massage & Wholistic Therapies
at 78°SPA 2153 Wilton Drive
Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33305